Adaptive for Data Quality

Data quality exists only when business users have a consistently high level of confidence in the accuracy, completeness and appropriateness of the data they rely on for running their business, making decisions and delivering product and services to their customers.

When inconsistencies arise, identifying data quality issues is not difficult; identifying and remediating the root cause(s) of the data quality issues is what takes the most time and the most effort.

The Adaptive Metadata Manager and the Adaptive Business Glossary Manager provide the support that effective data governance practices require which, in turn, results in the high quality data upon which business organizations can rely.

Facilitating Enterprise Data Quality through Adaptive’s DQ Assessment Model

Maintaining a perception of “high quality data”, plus establishing a “standard” root- cause identification process, requires a comprehensive, consistent view of the organization’s data assets from both business and technology perspectives. The Adaptive Data Quality Assessment Model (pictured below) provides these perspectives.

Adaptive Data Quality Assessment Model

Adaptive’s products can be leveraged to address the most common causes of data quality issues

Data Quality Issues

How Adaptive’s products can be used

Inconsistent Data Maintenance Processes

Comprehensive mapping of entire IT software component infrastructure using the Adaptive Metadata Manager shows not only the components, but all of the interfaces between them and provides detailed knowledge about the “payload” delivered by each interface.

General misunderstanding of what the data truly represents

The Adaptive Business Glossary Manager lets business people define data entities and their characteristics as business terms to which both definitions and data quality business rules which help clarify those definitions can be attached.

No clearly identified data owners

Adaptive’s products support assigning of owners, stewards, consumers and custodians at the appropriate level of granularity, along with proactive notification of all interested parties when new items are added, or the characteristics of an existing item are modified.

Inadequate quality issues governance framework

 Adaptive Metadata Manager provides a facility for data consumers to use to log their quality issues and for data stewards to relate those issues to quality rules provides the feedback that the data governance community requires to initiate and fund quality improvement projects.

Tactical adjustments being introduced cause downstream “breaks”

Adaptive Metadata Manager’s comprehensive view of the IT Data Landscape facilitates discovery of data deficiencies being entered into the environment from “non-golden” sources.

Next to impossible to find the true root causes of quality issues.

Analysis alone is often insufficient.  Adaptive products provide discussion groups, which can be focused on quality issues, promoting insights from the entire data consumer community, and making the identification of “true” root causes quicker to accomplish.