Why is Metadata Manager needed?

“Metadata Management” is the process of managing an organization’s data assets in the context of how they are used by systems and business processes.  This enables effective changes to the data assets to be made.  Metadata Manager helps organizations understand the full impact of those changes.

Organizations realize the need for Adaptive’s Metadata Manager when they have reached the limit of process modeling and data modeling tools and/or home-grown Microsoft Office Access databases and spreadsheets.

Why Metadata Manager is needed

With the Adaptive Metadata Manger, organizations can answer the following questions with confidence and speed:

  • Who is using the data?
  • Which data elements are used where?
  • What is the quality of the data?
  • What is the definition of an entity or attribute?
  • What processes use a specific object?
  • What applications will be impacted if my customer data “source” (feed) changes?
  • Which business functions/processes are supported by customer data?
  • Which data elements are in compliance with industry standards?