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Adaptive IT Portfolio Manager

Replacing manual, time-consuming tasks with automated, efficient processes not only has measurable financial benefits, it frees your team up to do more rewarding, and valuable work that that the computers cannot do. What's more, we can start to do things that we would not have otherwise considered based on the new lower cost model.

Netsuite provides a powerful scripting language facilitating these efforts but each client's needs are unique, and the very process of creating the automation is invaluable in and of itself.

Identifying Automation Opportunities.

  • Build a Diagram It's important to get the flow mapped out in a human process. Getting to a paper environment will enable you the flexibility to use your imagination.
  • Calculate the Costs. Break down the costs granularly so you can predict what your savings will be. Don't just build it because it sounds good, follow the discipline of strategy and build smart.
  • Think outside the box. With a diagram and budget, imagine what could happen in the automation that is not happening now, but based on the lower cost model would make some sense.

Doing New Things

When faced with an automation to integrate a warehouses shipping notifications with the clients ERP system, we identified an opportunity to solve another pesky problem. Weights and dimensions were frequently incorrect in the system, by building into the automation to check the shipped dimensions and weights in the system through comparing what was in the system with what was provided to us from the warehouse, as well as the shipping carriers, we were able to correct many of the inaccuracies.

Measurable Results

The results were beyond expectations. &#34Freight Quotes", a previous pain point that delayed responses to customers were performed faster and effortlessly. Furthermore, the improvement in accuracy resulted in turning a loss on shipping expense to a profit on shipping expense.

What's most interesting about this is this would never have been done manually, but based on the low cost of automation, we were able to do something we otherwise would not have.