Complete Detailed Information

Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Manager

Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Manager (EAM) is a robust MOF-compliant knowledge repository solution for organizing, integrating and analyzing information about the key architecture elements of an enterprise. Adaptive EAM captures and monitors the full scope of enterprise architecture initiatives, enabling performance monitoring and enterprise governance on a holistic scale.

Adaptive's powerful, scalable and web-based technology supports the eleven architectural domains of the Adaptive Reference Model used to identify and define the relationships among the key elements of an enterprise. These particularly include:

Identifying Automation Opportunities.

  • Business Drivers
  • Objectives, Strategies & Performance Cause and Affect Analytics
  • Program and Project Analytics
  • Organization & Stakeholder Interactions
  • Guiding and Enabling Resources
  • Governance Mechanisms

Strategic Integration

Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Manager integrates this strategic information for more effective communication across the enterprise, and for better decision-making in planning and monitoring continuous performance improvements and transformation programs.