Leverage best practices

Compliance and Risk Management Made Simple

The Adaptive Bank in a Box (BiaB) is a powerful graph-based application which can be hosted on the cloud which enables financial services organizations to leverage financial industry content best practices.

Bank In a Box includes data and models that connect the dots between industry content and the organizations data to ensure proper assessments and processes are in place including mandates for AML and data privacy.

Adaptive Bank in a Box Features

  • Offers The Adaptive Bank in a Box graph-based application is essential for financial services organizations and provides a jump start to enhance governance and analytics across the enterprise.
  • Provides financial services content out of the box to include policies, controls, regulations, critical data elements and functional models
  • Manages business terms across multiple domains
  • Captures and Manages industry ontologies for the enterprise
  • Declares accountability and stewardship processes
  • Automates change approval processes and policies to ensure proper governance and accountability
  • Enables mapping between policies, controls, business terms, function models, applications and ontologies to ensure compliancy with standards (internal or industry)

Adaptive Bank in a Box (BiaB)™ is an “out-of-the-box” framework with best practice financial services domain content.

With its lightweight business-oriented interface, Adaptive Bank in a Box™ centrally manages policies, controls, critical data elements across multiple domains and uniquely enables users to assess and monitor their financial governance processes more effectively.

And, with Knowledge Representation in today’s organizations requiring completeness and consistency, Adaptive Bank in a Box can be used to categorize data in terms of criticality, confidentiality, use restrictions, sources, products or other impact analysis characteristics with industry best practices.

Regulatory demands on activities such as Anti-Money Laundering and Data Privacy can be greatly enhanced leveraging the powerful combination of industry content best practices with our graph based analytics and governance application.