How is Business Glossary Manager Different?

Business Glossary Manager™ is more than just a “container”.  Its “out-of-the-box” functionality and web-based user interface makes navigating through terms and definitions a snap.

With its lightweight business-oriented interface, Adaptive Business Glossary Manager™ centrally manages business terms across multiple domains and uniquely enables users to define names for logical model entities and attributes, physical model tables and columns and report elements.

And, with Knowledge Representation in today’s organizations requiring completeness and consistency, Adaptive Business Glossary Manager can be used to categorize data in terms of criticality, confidentiality, use restrictions, sources, products or other impact analysis characteristics.

By ensuring integrity of all types of data objects, Adaptive Business Glossary Manager™ turns data that is too often considered a “necessary evil” into one of the most valuable assets that an organization possesses.

Business Glossary Manager Dashboard