Adaptive Business Glossary Manager

Adaptive Business Glossary Manager is a web-based platform used to define, collaborate and align corporate terminology to derive a common understanding and reference to both industry standards, ontologies and in-house policy forming an integrated semantic foundation. Business Glosssary Manager  can  directly reference entities representing corporate hierarchy, processes  and data thereby providing a top down (traceability) ‘semantic view’ of organizational execution.

 Adaptive Business Glossary Manager:

  • Offers a lightweight business-oriented interface
  • Aligns concepts and terms to underlying IT metadata
  • Manages business terms across multiple domains
  • Declares accountability and stewardship of terms
  • Automates change approval processes and policies to accelerate creation of common vocabulary
  • Reduces time to find business term definitions making IT and business project work more efficient
  • Enables mapping between business terms and ontologies to ensure compliancy with standards (internal or industry)