Adaptive has developed a number of industry and domain specific applications built on its leading repository technology. The Adaptive platform provides our clients the opportunity to leverage our hosted services platform or our on-premise licensing model.

Adaptive products have combined a number of leading methodologies and frameworks with domain expertise to create the world’s foremost repository solution. Adaptive’s products support some of the most dynamic business and IT trends across the largest and most complex enterprises on the planet, including Data Governance, Metadata Management, Enterprise Architecture, Graph-based Analytics and Model Driven Architectures.

Adaptive products allow:

  • Clients to fully leverage their enterprise information and enterprise architecture requirements;
  • OEMs and other software developers to build upon and leverage the capabilities of the Adaptive core foundation repository to increase the value of their own software products; and
  • Consultancies to enhance their services delivery and use of proprietary methodologies in customer engagements.
  • Adaptive Semantic Vocabulary Manager (SVM)

    Adaptive's Business Glossary Manager™ provides a web-based platform for acquiring, organizing, analyzing and distributing knowledge about an organization's data assets. Find Out More

  • Adaptive Metadata Manager

    Adaptive Metadata Manager™ (MM) is a web-based repository that provides enhanced capabilities in the areas of data governance, regulatory compliance and metadata management. Find Out More

    • Why is Metadata Manager needed?

      Because an organization needs to be able to manage its data assets in the context of how they are used by systems and business processes alike.

    • How is The Metadata Manager different?

      The Adaptive Metadata Manger has core capabilities that are robust, industry-leading and enterprise-grade.

    • What can be achieved with Metadata Manager?

      Adaptive’s Metadata Manager provides foundational capabilities that enable organizations to understand risk, manage compliance mandates properly and document and track where their data is stored, what their data means and how their data moves across their organization.

  • Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Manager

    The Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Manager (EAM) is a robust MOF compliant knowledge repository solution for organizing, integrating and analyzing information describing the key elements of an enterprise. Adaptive EAM captures and monitors the full scope of an enterprise architecture initiative enabling performance monitoring and enterprise governance on a holistic scale. Find Out More

    • How is EAM being used?

      Adaptive EAM is being used by some of the world’s largest organizations and federal government agencies to effectively trace how their strategies are implemented and how resources are used.

    • What makes EAM different?

      Being a thin web-based application, Adaptive EAM is easy to deploy and maintain in large, highly dispersed enterprises.

    • Adaptive Reference Model

      The Adaptive Reference Model is comprised of eleven architectural domains used to identify and define relationships among the key elements of an enterprise.

  • Adaptive IT Portfolio Manager

    The overriding need to cut costs, increase efficiency and to improve profitability is a significant challenge in today's economy. The Adaptive IT Portfolio Manager (Adaptive ITPM) delivers significant benefits to organizations in addressing these issues. Find Out More

    • Why is ITPM needed?

      The majority of large organizations, especially those that have developed over many years, have no single point of reference to identify even a simple list of applications.

    • What can be achieved with ITPM?

      By documenting, managing and understanding its IT portfolio, an organization can achieve faster time-to-market, track changes to its IT portfolio and determine the impact of such changes throughout the business.