Adaptive Version 10 Product Release Providing Enhanced Data Analytics & Data Governance Capabilities

Adaptive announces its new Graph-based release of the Adaptive suite of products (V10.0)

A quick overview of the product:

The Adaptive suite of products comprises a number of highly configurable software components that provide an organization with essential core capabilities required to govern and improve virtually any data-driven business capability. These capabilities include: Data Lineage, Impact Analysis, Business Terminology & Ontology, Business to Technical Traceability, Version Management, Change Approval Workflow, Stewardship, AI & Machine Learning, Data Profiling, Data Catalog Management and Automated Harvesting & Stitching.

Built on a modern knowledge graph stack, application modules are accessed via a web browser leveraging cloud based deployments which can be deployed in a matter of hours.

The Adaptive version 10 platform release allows organizations to combine the power of metadata abstraction, data tagging and classification providing the foundational capabilities required for enhanced data analytics across the enterprise including the use of AI and Machine Learning governance processes.

For any questions regarding this update or the product itself, feel free to contact us at, or by using the Contact page. Thank you.