Adaptive Metadata Manager

Adaptive Metadata Manager is a web-based solution that offers enhanced capabilities in the areas of data governance, regulatory compliance and metadata management.   Capturing data definitions and lineage from data modeling tools, relational databases (including Views and Stored Procedures), XML Schemas,  languages (PL/SQL, COBOL, JCL, etc),  ETL, BI, Big Data frameworks and other sources, Adaptive’s Metadata Manager helps data stewards and business owners govern the enormous amounts of information that organizations are inundated with on a daily basis. With version 6.3,  Adaptive includes the Adaptive Business Glossary Manager solution with Metadata Manager as both the understanding and compliancy of corporate terminology becomes a key tenant of data goverance programs.


Used by business executives and IT staff alike, Adaptive’s Metadata Manager mitigates the risks associated with a lack of proper governance processes and necessary audit trails by:

  • Delivering a comprehensive, end-to-end understanding of data lineage;
  • Discovering and manage inconsistencies in metadata from multiple data sources;
  • Enabling traceability from taxonomies of business concepts and terms to logical data models and physical data schemas;
  • Automating the lifecycle of metadata management to engage the appropriate data stewards and stakeholders;
  • Empowering business users to understand where the data comes from that ends up as information in business and BI reports;
  • Understanding the impact of changing a data element on other data elements, reports and queries; and
  • Realizing what information is needed, how it is used and where there are redundancies within purchased data sources.