Adaptive to participate in Data Transparency 2013 event on September 9th, 2013

Data Transparency Coalition

Data Transparency 2013, hosted by the Data Transparency Coalition, will be the nation’s first federal open data policy conference. For the first time, the leading advocates of these policies – from the executive branch, the legislative branch, the nonprofit sector, the tech industry, and the financial industry – will gather to compare the history and chart the future of open data.

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Open data will transform government and society - by delivering transparency and accountability, illuminate and eliminating waste and fraud, empowering Big Data analytics, automating once-manual compliance processes, connecting citizens to services, and bringing actionable intelligence to investors and markets. Open data will also drive new high-tech businesses by enabling the creation of software tools to accomplish all of these tasks. Data Transparency 2013 will feature an exhibition of the first of these businesses, presented by the innovators and entrepreneurs who are building them.

Examine the open data impact. Executive and legislative leaders will explain their ongoing efforts to open up federal data sets in key domains – including federal spending, regulation, and management – and preview future initiatives.

Explore the open data opportunity. Tech innovators will showcase new search, publication, and analysis tools that streamline federal processes; illuminate waste, fraud, and abuse; and deliver actionable intelligence to investors, watchdogs, and voters.

Forge an open data agenda. In cross-cutting breakout sessions, public and private sector stakeholders will collaborate on specific policy steps to open up change-resistant areas of the federal government’s data portfolio.