Update: Video of DATA Demonstration Day Now Available

Data Transparency Coalition

The House Oversight Committee has just released a video of last May’s Data Demonstration Day as part of a renewed push on Capitol Hill for the passage of Chairman Issa’s DATA Act.

On May 16th, Adaptive joined Rep. Darrell Issa and other Data Transparency Coalition Members at a public “DATA Demonstration Day” to show how today’s technologies could help illuminate waste and fraud, improve federal management, and enhance taxpayer accountability if federal spending data were fully standardized and published, as would be required by the proposed Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act).

Click here to see the House Oversight Committee’s video.  Also, make sure to check back regularly to learn more about the role Adaptive is playing in the Data Transparency Coalition’s effort to empower analytics to illuminate waste and fraud, deliver better intelligence to taxpayers and investors, and automate compliance.