DAMA-NY Chapter Meeting: Enabling Effective Data Governance with Metadata


Metadata is an important component of any data governance program.

At the next DAMA-NY meeting on May 16, 2013, Adaptive executives will illustrate how metadata, plus a comprehensive metadata management environment, gets key players involved in the data governance process:

  • Data Owners and Data Stewards are provided with a platform which lets them define and manage the data assets for which they are responsible using business, rather than technical, terminology;
  • IT Data and Solutions Architects are provided with a means by which both current and future state IT architecture can be rigorously defined, and all data assets that move through that architecture can be tied back to an owner, a steward, a set of business terms by which it can be described, and the consumers which have authorized access to them;
  • Data Consumers are provided with a way to see, again from a business perspective, data assets which are available for consumption, the characteristics and assessed quality of those data assets, and the various technical services through which those data assets are made available to them; and
  • Management is provided with a platform, which provides constant feedback on the progress being made in getting key players engaged and in getting the organization’s key data assets under governance control.

For more information, or to register for this event, please visit the DAMA-NY website.