Adaptive Releases Version 6.3 Incorporating New User Interface and Collaborative Framework

DataAdaptive version 6.3 implements a new user and collaborative architecture applicable to all Adaptive solutions. “With Adaptive 6.3 , all Adaptive solutions now reach both the technical and business communities.” states Jeff Goins, CEO and President of Adaptive, “All Adaptive solutions benefit and more readily execute on the promise of providing value early and often with respect to data quality, lineage, semantic understanding and governance/compliance lifecycles.”

Adaptive incorporates the use of dashboards, reports and social capabilities to allow all stakeholders to collaborate on their data definition, alignment and reporting processes. Adaptive has introduced new capabilities in 6.3 to facilitate data stitching and mapping  ensuring faster alignment times without compromising data quality. In addition, the Adaptive user experience has been re-architected to provide easier search and navigation employing a more performant framework permitting integration and end user scale out opportunities as metadata becomes a more critical component of an organizations ecosystem.