Adaptive Demonstrates Ability to Deliver Complete, Accurate and Searchable Information at DATA Day

EA DATA Act Framework

On May 16th, Adaptive joined Rep. Darrell Issa and other Data Transparency Coalition Members at a public “DATA Demonstration Day” to show how today’s technologies could help illuminate waste and fraud, improve federal management, and enhance taxpayer accountability if federal spending data were fully standardized and published, as would be required by the proposed Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act).

Adaptive President and CEO, Jeff Goins, as well as Adaptive EVP of Strategy, John Mulholland, explained to invited guests of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform how the DATA Act’s standards are able to feed through Adaptive’s repository solutions and processes to ensure Federal data is aligned, transparent and usable.

“The rigor Adaptive brings to the table is unique in that our technology leverages data governance, metadata management and enterprise architecture expertise to ensure enhanced transparency and efficiency,” says Jeff Goins.  “Complex organizations, including many found within the Federal Government, need to adapt to and support the immense amount of data that impacts proper governance and efficiency for running government operations properly.  Adaptive brings the semantic exactitude which is essential to handling this in the most optimal manner.”

With proper support, The DATA Act will ensure that the common terms, definitions and standards are in place to enable complete, accurate and searchable data. The DATA Act and its coalition members will provide the tools that the Federal Government requires to better manage vendor contractors, Grantees, and other internal activities while also providing greater management efficiency across agencies.

For the most recent article about Rep. Darrell Issa and his effort to reintroduce the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, check out Adam Mazmanian’s “Issa Reboots DATA Act” on  To further monitor the status of the DATA Act, make sure to visit Data Transparency Coalition’s website.  And, to see how the DATA Act’s Standards feed through Adaptive’s solutions and processes to ensure Federal data is aligned and transparent, click here.